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Carpet Cleaning
Here at The OCD Company we clean carpets. I mean we REALLY clean carpets. But we don’t just clean your carpets we make your home a safer environment for you, your four legged friends, and your crawling little ones. Allergens and soil from through out the home settle and make themselves cozy in the base of the the soft fibers of your carpet. That is where The OCD Company comes in with our hot water extraction and high power truck mounted equipment, and trained technicians, we clean your carpets from the base up, removing all the harmful allergens. We use natural cleaning agents that are child and pet friendly. When everything is said and done, and your carpet looks and feels like the way it was the day it was installed, help keep it that way with a reapplication of Carpet Fiber Protector.

Once you have made the decision to get your carpets professionally cleaned the next choice is picking the company. Go with the one and only On Time, Clean, Dependable Company! Return To Top

Tile and Grout Cleaning
One of the most annoying, back breaking, labor intensive jobs in your home is cleaning your tile and grout. Do you remember the day when you tile and grout gleamed? As time goes on you realize that your tile and grout are not gleaming the way they used to and you don’t even remember the color that your grout use to be. Over time your grout being porous just absorbs every spill and dirty mess that happened over your tile. With The OCD Company’s powerful truck mounted equipment, and our technician’s experience, we can get your tile shining again. Our high pressure, hot water treatment gets the grime off the tile and out of your grout. Return To Top

Upholstery Cleaning
Give your couch, love seat, or anything upholstered the spa treatment it deserves! Just like carpet, dirt, pollen, and dust settle in your upholstery. Having your furniture professionally cleaned will get it looking new again, remove any harmful allergens, and preserve the upholstery. We can also reapply Upholstery Fiber Protector after cleaning your favorite chair or couch. Return To Top

Area Rug Washing
We pick up your rug to give it the spa treatment it deserves. Once the cleaning process is completed we return the rug to you. We ensure that your area and oriental rugs are carefully treated by a rug specialist. We customize based on particular fibers, dyes, soils and construction for the cleaning process of each individual rug. The cleaning process is effective, but gentle enough for even the most delicate rugssReturn To Top

Safe, Low Pressure, House and Roof Washing
Algae, mold, and mildew thrive in the Maryland region. So when you see a dirty exterior, there is a good chance your house and roof aren’t just dirty. We apply a treatment and then flush all the contaminants away using our specialized equipment and knowledge.Return To Top

Exterior Pressure Washing
We’re sticklers for excellence and it shows in our pressure washing services. We can clean and blast away the grime on your driveways, sidewalks, patios, and more! Our services will help re-establish your homes original curb appeal. Return To Top