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Thank you for the most excellent work! My shag area rugs were quickly and carefully removed from my home, professionally cleaned, delivered and precisely laid in their original location. They are beautiful, as is my living room sectional which was cleaned as well. Everything looks wonderful. I am happy! Thank you again.
Marilyn Klosko
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Baltimore’s Carpet, Tile & Grout, and Upholstery Cleaner

The OCD Company is a family owned and operated company. We are based in Pikesville, Maryland and serve the surrounding areas. Our name, The OCD Company, stands for The On Time, Clean, Dependable Company, but that is a mouthful so our friends and family call us The OCD Company. Being On Time, Clean, and Dependable is who we are. We want to bring you the most pleasant experience possible. It’s our mission to arrive on time, all the time, to clean effectively and efficiently, and to be dependable. We want to be the guys you call when you need you carpet, tile & grout, or upholstery cleaned. Clean its our OBSESSION.

Carpet should be professionally cleaned every 12-18 months according to manufacturers, even sooner for carpet in homes occupied by residents with respiratory or allergy issues or in homes with small children or indoor pets.

Tile and Grout may lose its luster over time and start to collect more and more dirt. By professionally cleaning your tile and grout regularly you will maintain the beautiful shine.

Upholstery traps soil, pollen and dust the same way as carpet. Professionally cleaning upholstery not only gets your furniture looking great, it removes harmful allergens. 

Don’t delay, call The OCD Company today!

Chaim Kessler, Owner-OperatorThe OCD Company is headed by Chaim Kessler, who learned from a young age that life isn’t all about a quick buck but rather it’s about helping people and taking care of them the same way he would want to be treated. The OCD Company is not just about cleaning your floors or furniture. It’s about being a guest in your home or office and doing a professional clean job right down to the last detail because our name and reputation are on every job we complete.